TLFAST You Courier service expert

TLFAST is a strong, strong reputation of Multinational Corporation, headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Chinese, under more than 100 affiliated enterprises all over the world, and actively expand, logistics network has reached more than one thousand, group all Tongren forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, after many years of sustained development, the formation of the logistics transportation, warehousing matching, logistics software development as the leading, integrated management system of project investment involves a wide range of areas catering and service trade.



  • Shenzhen (Headquarter)

    Shenzhen TLFAST International Freight Forwarding Co. Ltd.
    ADD: Shenzhen city Baoan District Fuyong Jie Dao Fu Wai, Dong A14, Industrial Zone second
    TEL: 86-755-23235120
    FAX: 86-755-27330637

  • ShenZhen

    TLFAST Shenzhen Huaqiang North Branch
    ADD: Shenzhen city Futian District tianmian village 47 101 first floor
    TEL: 86-755-22316307

  • Zhongshan

    TLFAST Zhongshan branch
    ADD: Guangdong Province Zhongshan City East up the Bay Avenue North 20, 1 card shops
    TEL: 86-760-88383676
    FAX: 86-760-88383679

  • Guangzhou

    TLFAST Guangzhou branch
    ADD: Huangshi hanglian Mall Road Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, West No. 21
    TEL: 86-20-28916910

  • Humen

    TLFAST Humen branch
    ADD: ADD: Dongguan city Humen town gate village unity Road No. 201-203
    TEL: 86-769-85161109

  • Shanghai

    TLFAST Shanghai branch
    ADD: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Road 685 Lane 60 No.
    TEL: 86-21-54491091

  • Dongguan

    TLFAST Dongguan branch
    ADD: Dongguan Nancheng District Baima Industrial Park revitalization Pioneer Road No. 101-102
    TEL: 86-13070901117

  • Beijing

    TLFAST Beijing branch
    ADD: Crystal International Hotel in Beijing City, Chaoyang District No. 26 Jiuxianqiao Road No. 3 floor
    TEL: 86-10-52027762