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TLFAST is a strong, strong reputation of Multinational Corporation, headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Chinese, under more than 100 affiliated enterprises all over the world, and actively expand, logistics network has reached more than one thousand, group all Tongren forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, after many years of sustained development, the formation of the logistics transportation, warehousing matching, logistics software development as the leading, integrated management system of project investment involves a wide range of areas catering and service trade.

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TLFAST Advantage

The global take a stand through divine service

Is a world of express, import China business directly via the operating system TLFAST one-stop. Any Chinese domestic customers, no matter when and where, just dial the TLFAST telephone hotline customer place an order, to take a service you can enjoy any corner of the world, one-stop delivery door-to-door, without tossing commissioned by several agents, this service to fill the blank of express business, a first of its kind, express business price concessions, convenient operation, fast delivery!

The international express, international express (TLFAST line)

To establish a close cooperative relationship with the global multinational corporations, first-class professional services, one-stop operation mode, combined with the automated prediction group company to provide the close service, make international express arrived in time all over the world, today the machine rate of 99%, for the first peer.

(TLFAST line) as the focal point of development long-term strategic group company; international express special line TLFAST features through independent innovation, independent development, establish and perfect, the regional service area has been opened already amounted to more than 300 countries, service and aging can be comparable with the large express company, good service, preferential price!

The international air transport

Air network across all major city in the world, regardless of your goods are to Southeast Asia, Europe, USA, or Africa, the Middle East, we can provide the best service for you. A group of professional, dedicated airfreight sales all day waiting for, at any time to provide process design and offer the best scheme according to your requirements!

The international shipping

Shipping business through all the efforts of workers has been gradually moving towards maturity, we now with a number of shipping companies have close cooperation with India, Pakistan, Middle East, Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, etc. a plurality of busy route. With two of the sales team, professional operation level, Lin day will be your best choice!

The domestic shipments to Hongkong

Including the export customs declaration for express, transit of goods transportation, bulk cargo wharf airport discharge bin, door to door express delivery Hongkong comprehensive express service, daily owned Shenzhen to Hongkong train as many as 14 flights, efficient operation, fully meet the requirements of customer service aging today arrives, fast, simple and convenient!

The Hongkong to domestic shipments

Daily by the through train from Hongkong up to 6 flights, the import business scope includes bulk general cargo, express declaration, all over the domestic transport and door to door, supporting functions combined with the storage service, make the client as one wishes!

The general cargo and diverse customs clearance service

According to the diversity of modern logistics needs, provide general cargo customs clearance, truck, container trailers and other characteristics, personalized logistics services for customers; Acting general trade customs declaration, inspection, customs and other services, combined with our own in the port customs clearance, cross-border car resources, making general cargo small business can fast customs clearance, and can help the customer to save operating costs.

The Hong Kong Special straight trunk

Is currently the only with independent management right of cross-border direct fleet freight company, all-weather provide special and customs agents and other related service for you!

The cross-border cargo interaction model

Chinese customs authorized Hong Kong cargo interaction approach, using deep, Hong Kong and generous resources, flexible interactive customs clearance mode, you can meet to arrange the goods from Hongkong or Shenzhen airport was converted to a size of domestic city or around the world.