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TLFAST is a strong, strong reputation of Multinational Corporation, headquartered in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province Chinese, under more than 100 affiliated enterprises all over the world, and actively expand, logistics network has reached more than one thousand, group all Tongren forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, after many years of sustained development, the formation of the logistics transportation, warehousing matching, logistics software development as the leading, integrated management system of project investment involves a wide range of areas catering and service trade.

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Manna from heaven, the Beatles Ze logistics pioneer; Tu Feng rain, blessing forwarding people!

Since the reform and opening up, the logistics industry as in Chinese this piece of fertile land like bamboo shoots after a spring rain booming, growing, and the traditional logistics industry has been regarded as no wisdom. With the progress of the times, many large multinational logistics enterprises gradually in, in the mutual impact and local logistics industry, has gradually produced huge transformation, the logistics industry has become the economic development of the blood, becomes the Chinese nation again wings!

The author of the book named "Kui", but the first nine in one, is a collective idea is located, is the embodiment of wisdom and blessing with the property of John paul. Day Kui is not personal, refer to the "TLFAST international freight service" the whole team, is the crystallization of the wisdom of collective years devoted to the development of China logistics industry, logistics industry reflects local China characteristic with the advanced international logistics combine indigenous and foreign methods, mastery, innovation! Book from different visual angle, through the image of expression, combined with the fable, comics and story vivid, the interpretation of the new concept of logistics and logistics industry brilliant management essence, reproduction and experience of Tianlin people of industry culture experience, confidence and diligently on the logistics industry of the pursuit of brilliant prospects!

The value "TLFAST international freight service" to enter the domestic logistics industry in the ten anniversary, in this book as with our China blazers, the majority of market economy to enter China logistics market, the majority of local people international logistics logistics practitioners exchange opportunities. To China based, have the whole world in view, the establishment of new logistics management idea, promote the logistics industry thriving and prosperous, for the prosperity of a country, the revitalization of the Chinese nation contribution! The text as is defective, we request the pleasure of your friends, scholars!